Abhinav Tushar

Abhinav Tushar


A REPL for Conversations

A REPL, in programming, is an interactive environment where a programmer can go through the cycle of writing code, getting it Read, E...

In Machine Learning, Jan 30, 2020

Reading Sessions

Studying researches and building on top of them is an important part of what a team of ML Engineers do on a regular basis. Usually, t...

In Machine Learning, Nov 30, 2020

Interspeech 2020

We recently attended the all remote Interspeech 2020. Each of us made notes on what they did overall. But instead of posting those or...

In Machine Learning, Dec 01, 2020

Our new Tech blog

We are merging past webpages of our Engineering and ML team in this new, central, Skit Tech page. From here on, this is going to be t...

In Engineering, Machine Learning, Feb 28, 2021

Complexity of Conversations - I

Consider a restaurant booking voice bot built using a frames and slots approach. While this can easily solve the problem of booking w...

In Machine Learning, Jan 18, 2022

Speech-First Conversational AI

We often get asked about the differences between voice and chat bots. The most common perception is that the voice bot problem can be...

In Machine Learning, Feb 02, 2022

Speech-First Conversational AI Revisited

Around last year, we shared our views on how nuances of spoken conversations make voicebots different than chatbots. With the recent ...

In Machine Learning, May 11, 2023

Speech LLMs for Conversations

With LLMs making conversational systems has become easier. You no longer need to focus on the low-level details of categorizing seman...

In Machine Learning, May 09, 2024