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Evaluating an ASR in a Spoken Dialogue System

An ASR (automatic speech recognition) is an integral component of any voice bot. The most popular metric that is used to evaluate the...

In Machine Learning, Jan 21, 2022

Complexity of Conversations - I

Consider a restaurant booking voice bot built using a frames and slots approach. While this can easily solve the problem of booking w...

In Machine Learning, Jan 18, 2022

On using ASR Alternatives for a Better SLU

This blog discusses some concepts from the recently published paper by members of the ML team at Skit (formerly The p...

In Machine Learning, Nov 29, 2021

Authentication in gRPC

In gRPC, there are a number of ways you can add authentication between client and server. It is handled via Credentials Objects.

In Engineering, Oct 31, 2021

Seminar - Code Mixing in NLP and Speech

Below are some pointers and insights from the papers that we covered in the recently concluded seminar on Code-mixing in NLP and Spee...

In Machine Learning, Aug 24, 2021

Code Mixing Metrics

We at skit, recently concluded a seminar series on code-mixing, where we covered research papers that looked at approaches to deal wi...

In Machine Learning, Aug 09, 2021

Normalizing Flows - Part 2

In Part-1, we introduced the concept of normalizing flows. Here, we discuss the different types of normalizing flows. In most blogs t...

In Machine Learning, May 08, 2021

What's New in Kaldi-Serve 1.0

Kaldi-Serve is our open source high performance Speech Recognition server framework capable of serving Kaldi ASR models in production...

In Machine Learning, Mar 25, 2021

Our new Tech blog

We are merging past webpages of our Engineering and ML team in this new, central, Skit Tech page. From here on, this is going to be t...

In Engineering, Machine Learning, Feb 28, 2021

EMNLP 2020

Individual summary notes from EMNLP 2020.

In Machine Learning, Dec 21, 2020