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EMNLP 2020

Individual summary notes from EMNLP 2020.

In Machine Learning, Dec 21, 2020

Normalizing Flows - Part 1

Normalizing flows, popularized by (Rezende, & Mohamed, 2015), are techniques used in machine learning to transform simple probabi...

In Machine Learning, Dec 19, 2020

Interspeech 2020

We recently attended the all remote Interspeech 2020. Each of us made notes on what they did overall. But instead of posting those or...

In Machine Learning, Dec 01, 2020

Reading Sessions

Studying researches and building on top of them is an important part of what a team of ML Engineers do on a regular basis. Usually, t...

In Machine Learning, Nov 30, 2020

Bad Audio Detection

This blog will be a short one, where we’ll talk about our approach on filtering out inscrutable audios from VASR.

In Machine Learning, Jul 29, 2020

Speaker Diarization

This blog post is based on the work done by Anirudh Dagar as an intern at

In Machine Learning, Jul 21, 2020

Building Fast and Efficient Microservices with gRPC processes millions of speech recognition requests every day, and to handle such a load we have focused on building a highly s...

In Engineering, Feb 05, 2020

A REPL for Conversations

A REPL, in programming, is an interactive environment where a programmer can go through the cycle of writing code, getting it Read, E...

In Machine Learning, Jan 30, 2020